Why are you focused on allergy-friendly products?

Due to our son's allergies, we wanted to make sure that he always had a delicious snack available to him whether he's at a birthday party, school, out with friends that is give him the nutritious he needs to get through the day without exposing him to weird ingredients that no one fully understands.

How many snack bites come in a pack?

Each pack holds 10 snack bites.

Where do you find your ingredients?

We source our products from local farmers and companies that can guarantee that their products have not come in contact with any of the 8 major allergens (gluten, eggs, dairy, soy, tree nuts, peanuts, fish, and shellfish) recognized in the US. If you have another allergy and are unsure if our products are right for you, we welcome you to contact us directly.

Do you add any sugar to your snack bites?

The only sugars are either natural sugars coming from the fruit or honey that is used in each particular snack bite recipe. There are no refined sugars added or additional ingredients to sweeten anything beyond the recipe's natural flavors.

I would like to stock Forgetful Chef at my store.

First, thank you for wanting to support Forgetful Chef like that. We would love to chat with you about getting our products into your store. Get in touch with Chris to discuss. 

Do you ship worldwide?

At the moment, we only ship to Canada and the USA. In the future, we will offer worldwide shipping.

I have a question that hasn't been answered here.

Not a problem. You can get in touch with us through our contact page and we'll do our best to respond within 24 hours.