Forgetful Chef products are inspired by a powerful, but simple set of ideas. We believe that snack food should be tasty but shouldn't be loaded with empty calories. Whether you're hiking, needing a little fuel before a big workout or just relaxing on the couch watching the game. Your snack food should help you lead a healthier lifestyle. 

The Back Story

Our journey began when our son was diagnosed with an allergy to peanuts and most tree nuts. Like most toddlers his age, he is extremely active and burns through energy quickly so his snacks need to provide him with the essential fuel to help him stay active and wild. But trying to find food that was delicious and provided enough substance proved to be harder than we thought. Most options that we found that didn't contain a warning about shared equipment or "made in facilities with..." proved difficult. For the ones we did find were filled with ingredients we couldn't pronounce.

We knew there had to be another way. People plagued with allergies shouldn't have to live this way. These individuals have to be so careful and there is still a chance that their food could be contaminated. We didn't think this was right. There had to be a better way to live so we decided to take on the challenge of creating flavorful snack food. We began to source local pure ingredients that we could trust and felt safe giving to our young son.

A Better Way

The ingredients we use are guaranteed to never have trace elements that could cause an allergy attack and provide you with nutritional benefits from our included superfoods like Chia seeds, Hemp Hearts and rolled-oats. 

We began a baking frenzy, taste testing recipe ideas in our home kitchen. Each package of Forgetful Chef products is handcrafted with love and care so that you know that if you have an allergen, you can snack on our products without worry and feel good about your choice.

We hope you enjoy what we’re putting together. 

We aren't just a snack company creating allergy-friendly products, but a company rooted in passion, heart, and family.