Keep It Cold: Why Refrigerated Snacks Are Better

Keep It Cold: Why Refrigerated Snacks Are Better

Most people have both a refrigerator and a pantry, and most people keep food in both their refrigerator and their pantry. If you go into the home of an average family and look around their kitchen, however, there’s probably one discrepancy you’ll notice immediately; the pantry is full of food, while the refrigerator doesn’t contain much food at all. This might seem strange at first, but there is a logical reason, and it has to do with additives.

According to, the FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) defines an additive as “any substance, the intended use of which results… in its becoming a component or otherwise affecting the characteristics of any food.” Basically, an additive is anything in food that wasn’t originally in the food--as the name suggests, it was added. A preservative is an additive that’s designed to preserve the food from decaying (so, logically, snacks that are refrigerated typically would not have additives). Some people are convinced preservatives cause cancer, and while this hasn’t been definitively linked, it’s definitely true that it’s always better to avoid preservatives when possible.  

As you can probably guess, preservatives are typically found in snack foods such as soft drinks, processed meats, and Lay’s potato chips; any time you read a label with ingredients you can’t pronounce, that’s a pretty sure sign the food is full of preservatives. More people are beginning to understand the potentially detrimental effect of additives and preservatives and, thus, to avoid them.

Forgetful Chef snack bites don’t have any preservatives or additives. Instead, we use real ingredients to produce our deliciously fresh line of snacks. And our refusal to use preservatives ties into refrigeration in a very important way. Preservatives are designed to stop food from decaying--which is the same purpose served by a refrigerator. So foods with preservatives don’t need to be refrigerated. Our snack bites don’t have preservatives, so they do require refrigeration.

If our snacks don’t have preservatives, what do they have in them? We’re glad you asked! First of all, we use gluten-free rolled oats. Rolled oats have lots of fiber and protein; they fill you up for a long time, making them a favorite food of athletes who need more endurance. The fact our oats are gluten-free means you don’t have to worry about any potential allergic reactions to gluten.

Pollen-free honey is another ingredient in our snack bites. Honey protects against infections, helps fight pollen allergies, and raises energy levels (making our snack bites a good pre- or post-workout choice). We also use sunflower butter, which has lots of healthy fats and is a great substitute for peanut butter if you’re allergic to peanuts; pumpkin seeds, which are filled with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids plus fiber and antioxidants to strengthen heart and liver health; and chia seeds, a superfood jam-packed with fiber, protein, iron, and more. These are just a few of the healthy ingredients used in our snack bites; all of our ingredients are not only nutritious but also flavorful.

Our point is all of these ingredients are real ones, with no fake preservatives added. Because these ingredients are real, they need to be refrigerated--and therefore, refrigerated snacks are the best. More and more people are starting to realize this, too; as one health food trend after another sweeps the nation (think about the ketogenic diet, and the Paleo diet and all of the juice cleanses out there), people begin to realize the healthiest foods are fresh foods, and these foods need to be refrigerated. Instead of the chip aisle, many consumers now make a beeline for the grocery store’s produce section with its mini-thunderstorms to keep the fruits and vegetables fresh. But whereas families with kids might struggle to find an acceptable snack food in the produce section (“Mom, that’s gross!”), our refrigerated snack bites are not only fresh, nutritionally sound, and allergen-free--they also happen to be delicious.

Chia Seeds

Not only is it better to keep our snacks in the fridge to ensure they stay fresh (refrigerating them increases the shelf life by up to four months), but before long you’ll want to keep them in the refrigerator--because every time you take one out, it tastes like a fresh batch! The refrigerator reduces spoilage and keeps our snacks delicious. Some healthy refrigerated snacks are expensive, but ours are very reasonably priced, and we even offer a free sampler pack--just pay shipping--to allow you to try them out before you buy the big bag.

There’s another reason why Forgetful Chef snack bites are such a great choice: they’re portable. Many refrigerated foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, require a lot of pre-prep. You have to wash them, cut them, cook them, and store them. With Forgetful Chef snacks, however, you can simply grab a pack from the fridge and take them with you wherever you’re going.

Refrigerated snacks are becoming more and more of a trend, and for good reason; they’re healthier because they don’t include preservatives. Grocery stores and snack suppliers need to stay on top of the trends and make sure their freezer cases are filled with healthy snacks people want to buy--just like Forgetful Chef’s preservative-free snack bites.

So why are the refrigerators of many families empty, while the pantries are bursting at the seams? Simple--the foods in the pantry are filled with preservatives, while the foods in the refrigerator are fresh and healthy. Whenever possible, eat foods from the refrigerator to ensure you are getting fresh, healthy, nutritious foods. Don’t forget: refrigerated snacks are best!

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