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Getting the word out

Over the past month, we've seen a lot of growth in our orders. This has inspired us to continue to test out new recipes, business concepts, and ideas to improve allergy-friendly snacking. Though we've seen incredible success since launching Forgetful Chef, one thing that has done us wonders has been when we offered free samples of our 6 signature flavors to potential customers. It finally dawned on us that we could bring this in-person experience to our online store. Even though we've done our best to write flavor descriptions that accurately describe how our snack bites taste, nothing beats actually eating one.   Today we are super excited to announce that you can now get free samples delivered directly to you. This is a...

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Your allergy can change in time

We first got our son tested for allergies when he was just 1 years old. He had already had reactions to peanuts twice, but we never thought it would extend from peanuts into other nuts. Oh boy, were we wrong. His first allergy test was through a blood test. It's not as accurate as the skin scratch test they can also do, but due to his age the doctors won't do that one until they are a bit older.

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The beauty in Menus

  Often times, we think when we think about beautiful food and the culinary and dining experiences, we only think about the beauty of a well-plated dish. We tend to forget that there are many design decisions made in the culinary world each day to help diners choose food they order. This includes signage, decor and attire, but so often one aspect is overlooked. That is the design and typography of restaurant menus.   As designers and home cooks, our team is often inspired by the look of different menus and the craft of putting them together. The typography of a menu can help encourage diners to select certain items, help find restaurant favorites and enhance the overall dining experience....

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Ironic Tea Towels

We've met lots of interesting people doing lots of creative things when it comes to food and the food industry. One particular brand that really blew us away was Scullery Maid, aka Terri Roberts. She started creating her one of a kind tea towels, aprons, napkins and table runners just over three years ago while still balancing her day job as a senior level copywriter. She told us that the idea for the Scullery Maid came to her while she was searching for gifts for family and friends that were locally crafted. She says that she's always had a fascination with tea towels. While traveling, tea towels were always something she could stuff into her carryon and actually use. All of this...

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What Is Frico?

In our latest interview, we spoke with Federico and Lida about how they brought authentic Italian food to the streets of London. We had never heard of Frico so we figured we couldn't be alone in this. Below is their explanation of the dish.     ‘Frico’ (pronounced freako) is a specialty Italian dish whose recipe originates from a mountain region of North Eastern Italy called ‘Carina’. It is an old dish that was created by the mountain residents who used the leftovers from the end of the week to create a wholesome, complete dish that warmed their bellies. The main ingredients of a traditional frico are potatoes and two different types of cheeses that are cooked using an intricate method....

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